Iwakami Shrine-Yurugiiwa-

2024/03/24 (Sun)


The huge stones enshrined at the back of the shrine's worship hall are the object of worship, and the deity is Ōkuninushi no Mikoto. This object of worship is called ``Yurugiiwa'' (Yurugiiwa) because it is a gigantic stone about 5 meters long that is supported by a small fulcrum, so it does not fall even though it seems like it will fall. It is popular among students taking entrance exams because it is a place where you can feel like falling, but it is also one of the popular power spots.

Street address 701 Soubun, Akaiwa City, 2203-XNUMX
Fee Free
Parking Lot Regular car 4 units
URL https://www.city.akaiwa.lg.jp/kankou/spot/shiseki/878.html