Kagamino Sanyu One-day hot spring

2020/01/22 (Wed)

HighlightKagamino Town

In Kagamino-cho, there are "Okutsu Onsen'' known for its beauty hot springs, "Kamisaibara Onsen'' nestled in forests such as Iwai Falls and Onbara Kogen, and "Notoro Onsen'', the highest elevation in the prefecture and excellent openness Yes, these are collectively called "Kagamino Sanyu". The hot springs are all colorless and transparent alkaline simple hot springs, and boast hot water that is gentle on your skin and body.

Street address Okutsu Onsen [Ootsuri Onsen]
16-2 Okutsukawanishi, Kagamino Town, Tomata County
Okutsu Onsen [Hana Bijin no Sato]
261 Okutsukawanishi, Kagamino Town, Tomata County
Kamisaibara Onsen [konoka]
446-1 Kamisaibara, Kagamino Town, Tomata County
Notoro Onsen [Tenku no Yu]
2091-10 Tominishidani, Kagamino Town, Tomata County
Phone Number Okutsu Onsen [Ootsuri Onsen]
Okutsu Onsen [Hana Bijin no Sato]
Kamisaibara Onsen [konoka]
Notoro Onsen [Tenku no Yu]
Business hours Okutsu Onsen [Ootsuri Onsen]
10: 00-19: 00 (until 12:2 from July to August)
Okutsu Onsen [Hana Bijin no Sato]
Weekdays 10: 00-19: 00 (until 20:00 on Saturdays and Sundays)
Kamisaibara Onsen [konoka]
11: 00-20: 00 (until 7:8 from July to August)
* Currently open for a short time to prevent the spread of the new corona infection
Notoro Onsen [Tenku no Yu]
10:00~20:00(12:3-11:00 from December to March)
Holiday Okutsu Onsen [Ootsuri Onsen] Tuesday
Okutsu Onsen [Hana Bijin no Sato] Second Thursday
Kamisaibara Onsen [konoka] Tuesday
Notoro Onsen [Tenku no Yu] Monday (open during summer vacation)
Fee Okutsu Onsen [Ootsuri Onsen]
Adult 560 yen Child 280 yen
Okutsu Onsen [Hana Bijin no Sato]
Adult 740 yen Child 370 yen
Kamisaibara Onsen [konoka]
Adult 600 yen Child 300 yen
Notoro Onsen [Tenku no Yu]
Adult 700 yen Child 320 yen
Parking Lot Okutsu Onsen [Ootsuri Onsen] 25 units
Okutsu Onsen [Hana Bijin no Sato] 110 units
Kamisaibara Onsen [Konoka] 35 vehicles
Notoro Onsen [Tenku no Yu] 50 units