Yanahara Fureai Mining Park / Yanahara Mine Museum

2019/03/15 (Fri)


It is located at the location of the Katakami Railway's Kichigahara station building and yard. At the museum, you can relive the mining and town life, and experience the station building at that time, life-size mines, and the bustle of the nostalgic town.

Street address 394-2 Kichigahara, Misaki Town, Kume County
Phone Number 0868-62-7155
Business hours 9: 00-17: 00 (Reception is 16:30)
Holiday Mondays (the next day if a holiday), December 12 to January 28
Fee Adult 510 yen (high school students and above), child 300 yen (elementary school students and above)
Parking Lot 50 stand